Sprains, Strains, Tears, Bruises, Muscles, Ligament, Tendons, Fascia, Bursae, and Traumatic Brain Injury


Types of Sports Injuries

Every sports injury produces different symptoms and types of pain. Some of the most frequent sports injuries that people face are:

  • Sprains: This is an overstretched or tear of a ligament that connects two bones together
  • Strain: This occurs when a muscle or tendon is overstretched or tears completely.
  • Knee injuries: These are extremely common and often involve damage to the meniscus or tendons that support the knee.
  • Swollen muscles: Many different things can lead to swollen muscles, but typical symptoms involve pain during movement, and lack of strength in the muscle.
  • Dislocations: These injuries occur when a bone is popped out of its proper socket. Often a tear in the muscle also comes with this injury.
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